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Monki Zine: Controversial Opinions Vol. 1
Monki Zine: Controversial Opinions Vol. 1
Monki Zine: Controversial Opinions Vol. 1

Monki Zine: Controversial Opinions Vol. 1

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Trigger Warning!

If you are triggered by any of the following topics please
refrain from buying or reading this zine.

1. Homophobia
2. #metoo movement
3. Paedophilia
4. Cultural appropriation

 About the zine :

Have you ever had an opinion so controversial that you felt like you could never express it?

All our opinions are formed by our own individual
experiences of life, this is why we often run into people who have different opinion from ours because everyone is living their own unique story and hence have their own unique opinions and feelings.

This Zine comprises of a series of anonymous
controversial opinions held by individuals who believe they don’t have the ability to express their opinions openly.

The purpose of this zine isn’t to change peoples opinions, they’re just meant to be read with a clear open mind.

All these opinions were collected anonymously using an anonymous google form.

So brace yourselves as this zine takes you on a roller coaster ride and get ready to have your mind blown.

All print copies of the zine come with two free multipurpose stickers! 

Disclaimer :

This zine is a platform for people to voice their opinions anonymously in a safe space, the
purpose of this zine is for entertainment only
All contributions to this zine are of anonymous authors of their own free will via a google form.
This zine is a compilation of opinions that may be factually incorrect, misleading, unethical or
illegal and may create an unreasonable risk for readers who choose to use or apply this
information, Maitreyi Bhatia of Monki and monkibusiness_ will not be liable for any such
The articles in this zine are strictly opinions of anonymous authors and do not represent the
views of Maitreyi Bhatia of Monki and monkibusiness_.
The purpose of this zine is not to offend any persons living or dead.
Maitreyi Bhatia of Monki, and monkibusiness_ are illustrator and publisher respectively and
hold no liability for any of the content in the zine.
Illustrations are for representative purposes only and are not formed from the original opinion of
Maitreyi Bhatia of Monki.