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Monki Yearly Planner
Monki Yearly Planner
Monki Yearly Planner
Monki Yearly Planner

Monki Yearly Planner

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The monki planner is finally here and it's going to take your breath away !

Planets and stars have always been associated with our lives , horoscopes and years so that's why it's the theme for this year's planner !

With oodles of planetary doodles all hand-drawn by yours truly to make planning more fun and happy this book has a hard cover and is wiro-bound with 100gsm alabaster paper so you can plan plan plan and not have any ink leak over to the next page!

This planner also has open dates that you can fill in by hand ! So you can use it for an infinite number of years and it also features calendars for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 so you can expect this planner to last you a long long timee.

And just in case I haven't been convincing enough - this planner has FREE STICKERS!! all once again hand drawn by yours truly so yo can brighten up even your most boring days.

So what are you waiting for ?! Order yours now now nowww and go grab all your glitter pens and post-it notes because 2019 is going to be your brightest year yet.

All books will be dispatched on the 1st of December 2018 <3 


1. Annual Calendars

You’ll have annual calendars for the next three years. Use these for a broad look at long range planning.

2.Monthly View

Here in the monthly section, you can write down things that don’t change like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, special events like weddings, bills, and recurring meetings. Use your Monthly Calendar layout to plan out the big goals for the month, schedule out appointments, block out dates and give yourself an overview of your schedule. Highlight the top priority goals, both personal and professional. If you’re working with a Goal Program, this is where you want to first start scheduling your tasks.

3.Use the Daily Plan Pages

The daily section is where your plans get really good. This is where you list out your specific tasks that you want to accomplish. You can plan outfits, workouts, and lunch dates.
You can also plan each day the night before so your tasks can stay top of mind.

5. Make Time For You

This one is last on the list because truly it is probably the most important tip. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you can’t take care of anyone else.
Make sure you add time to your day to do something you like. For me, I like to draw and sip on some hot chocolate, as long as I’ve allocated the time in my plan for the day, there is no reason to feel like I should be doing anything else.


Before I started to use a planner, I would come to the end of my day and feel like I didn’t even make a dent in the work I had to do. While I know this is not true, it’s easy to see why it feels that way.

Having a planner to look back on is a great way to see what you had planned out for your day, and what you were able to complete. Those check marks are so exciting to see! Be sure to pat yourself on the back for everything you got done.

Hopefully one or more of these planner tips and tricks will help you go out and be a little more productive!